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Green Home

What you need to know about the government’s new Green Homes Grant

The Green Homes Grant gives homeowners vouchers to help cover the cost of energy efficiency improvements to their home – such as, loft, wall and floor insulation and low-carbon heating systems (funding is not available for gas or oil heating systems).

If you have at least one of these ‘primary’ improvements you can also use the grant for ‘secondary’ items such as double glazing, as long as it costs no more that you spend on the ‘primary’ improvement.

Apply for a voucher

For most people, the vouchers will be worth about two-thirds of the cost of the work, up to a maximum of £5,000 per household. So if you have work done which costs £4,500, you will receive a voucher for £3,015 towards the bill.

Even better, if you receive one of the qualifying benefits you could claim a voucher to cover all of the cost of the work you have done, up to £10,000.

Only government approved traders can do this work and you won’t be able to apply for a grant unless you get a quote from one of them.

First you need to check your eligibility, see what improvements could be made to your home, and find a list of approved traders to choose from:

Then you can apply for a voucher, using this government website:  

You can get help with your application from the government’s Simple Energy Advice Service on 0800 444202 even if you don’t have access to the internet. Your local Citizens Advice may also be able to help on **** ******.

Protect yourself

Remember the only way to apply for a grant is through the government website. Traders cannot do this for you and must not ask for any upfront payment. The best advice from our local Trading Standards is never respond to cold calling, either on the phone or at the door. If you are interested in a grant it’s much better to find out about it yourself.