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Conservation areas

Conservation areas are those which have 'special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance'.

The special character of these areas does not come from the quality of their buildings alone. The historic layout of roads, paths and boundaries; characteristic building and paving materials; a particular 'mix' of building uses; public and private spaces such as gardens, parks and greens; and, trees and street furniture, all contribute.  

The emphasis within conservation areas is on ensuring local character is strengthened, not diminished, by change. Sensitive management of change is essential rather than no change at all. This is reflected in some extra planning controls and considerations being in place within conservation areas.

Changes to the external appearance of a building in a conservation area may require planning permission from us that is not required elsewhere as some permitted development rights are curtailed.

  • website: Planning - Historic England

Any work planned to a tree in a conservation area must be notified to us 6 weeks in advance so that the local planning authority may determine whether or how the work to the tree should take place. This means if you own a property in a conservation area you'll need to check with us before doing any work to that property or to any trees in the area.

Conservation areas in Ashfield

The following places have been identified as conservation areas: 

  • Annesley
  • Lower Bagthorpe
  • Kirkby Cross
  • Sutton in Ashfield Church and Market Place
  • Teversal
  • Hucknall.

You can find maps and, where applicable, area appraisals and management plans of the conservation areas in the related documents section of this page or can see them on our interactive mapping system.

Open maps

Ways to contact us about conservation areas

If you need to contact us about planned works in a conservation area or have another question you can do so by: