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Dispensations - on street

Dispensations for parking at restricted times or in restricted locations may also be granted in certain circumstances. A charge may be applicable. Dispensations are managed by Nottinghamshire County Council, however, applications can be made online to them here.

According to the nature of the activity, dispensations may be for a specified period or activity. These may include the following:

  • maintenance, building, excavation and demolition work (builders, scaffolders)
  • workshop vehicles with a demonstrable need to be in a particular vicinity (joiners, plumbers, appliance repairers, vehicle based window cleaning
  • filming operations 10
  • any other reason accepted by us. 

Applications for dispensations must be received at least 5 working days prior to the required date and must be made to our parking manager. Our decision is final.

The dispensation will stipulate on which streets and at what times it is applicable. It is not therefore a general parking permit. Additional terms and conditions may be specified. Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) will be issued when the conditions are not met.

Unless there are significant extenuating circumstances, discretionary dispensations will not be issued for continuous periods in excess of 14 calendar days. Further dispensations issued beyond this period for continuing work will incur additional costs. 

If granted, dispensations will be issued to the applicant by way of printed permit, which must be clearly displayed on the vehicle whilst parked. The permit details will be entered into the Penalty Charge Notice issuing software where it will be visible to all Civil Enforcement Officers.

A charge, per dispensation issued, may be made. A full list of charges will be available on application from the appropriate district parking manager.

Apply for an on-street dispensation

On-street parking dispensation conditions

  • we reserve the right to remove or deactivate any dispensation without notice
  • use is limited to agreed locations approved by an authorised officer
  • dispensations are vehicle registration specific and must be clearly and visibly displayed inside the windscreen at all times 
  • the dispensation will stipulate on which street/restriction and at what times it is applicable
  • the dispensation does not permit parking anywhere else and will not guarantee a parking space in limited/residential parking places
  • unless there are significant extenuating circumstances discretionary dispensations will not be issued for continuous periods in excess of 14 days
  • dispensations will not be issued for locations where there is any possible danger to pedestrian or highway safety.

Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions will result in a penalty charge notice being issued for the relevant contravention.