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White Ribbon campaign

We are White Ribbon Accredited due to our commitment of raising awareness of domestic violence within Ashfield and working to ensure support is available to those who are affected.

What is the White Ribbon campaign?

Logo showing a curled white ribbon and words

The White Ribbon campaign is a global campaign that encourages men within society to become positive role models and promote healthy relationships. They recognise that the majority of people affected by domestic violence are female by male perpetrators and they believe that men need to take responsibility in finding a resolution to this very serious issue.

The white ribbon campaign undertakes national awareness raising through towns, music and sport industries and education. In order to achieve this we are committed to raising awareness within Ashfield by:

  • undertaking community engagements throughout the district promoting support services.
  • selection of 4 male ambassadors to promote and raise awareness of white ribbon, internally and externally
  • providing information on our website for help and support
  • liaising with partner agencies and voluntary groups within the district, providing information on how to signpost those affected by domestic violence should anyone make a disclosure
  • encouraging male members of the public to wear a white ribbon and sign a pledge

We have followed on with this commitment by working towards:

  • ensuring all employees receive awareness training on domestic violence and abuse
  • contact numbers for support services are freely available for all
  • providing employees with an internal domestic violence policy which will support employees responding to disclosures.
  • Encouraging male employees to sign the White Ribbon pledge and wear a white ribbon, symbolizing their support towards the campaign
  • maintaining partnership working with external agencies
  • commemorating awareness dates and providing supporting information for all.

Ways to contact us about the White Ribbon campaign

You can contact us by: 

  • telephone: 07778 517544