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Ashfield Local Plan (2023-2040) Regulation 19 pre-submission draft

Public consultation has now closed

We are seeking comments on the version of the draft Local Plan which the Council intend to submit to the Secretary of State to be examined by an independent planning inspector. Regulation 19 refers to the consultation stage prior to submission of the Plan under section 20 of the Town And Country Planning Act.

Comments received at this stage should relate to whether the Plan is:

  • Legal compliance – does the plan meet the legal requirements made under various statutes?
  • Sound – has the plan been positively prepared, justified, effective, and consistent with national policy?
  • Meeting the duty to cooperate – has the council engaged and worked effectively with neighbouring authorities and statutory bodies?

All representations must have been received by the Council by 5pm Monday 29 January 2024.  Late representations cannot be accepted.

You are advised to read the Guidance notes before completing the Representation form:

Regulation 19 Local Plan and supporting documents

Regulation 19 background documents

The Background Papers bring together and explain the approach taken in relation to bringing forward the Local Plan.

Regulation 19 sustainability appraisal

Sustainability appraisal considers the ways by which the Plan can contribute to improvements in environmental, social and economic conditions, as well as a means of identifying and mitigating any potential adverse effects that the Plan might otherwise have.

Regulation 19 Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)

The HRA has been prepared in accordance with the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (as amended) , known as the Habitats Regulations. When preparing development plan documents, councils are required by law to carry out an HRA. The purpose of the HRA process is to understand and evaluate the potential effects of a plan or project on the conservation objectives of sites designated under the Habitats and Birds Directives. These sites form a system of internationally important sites throughout Europe known collectively as the ‘Natura 2000 Network’.

Evidence base

The current evidence base is available on the Local Plan evidence base page. Please note that the evidence base will change over time as studies are updated.

We are seeking your comments on the Ashfield Local Plan. Comments received at this stage should be about whether the plan is legally compliant, sound, and whether it has met the duty to cooperate.

All representations must be received by the Council by 5pm Monday 29 January 2024.

Further information or assistance

If you require any further information or assistance in completing this Statement of Representation Form, please contact the Forward Planning Team at: