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Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment

On 27 November 2023 we adopted an updated Statement of Licensing Policy.

If you are selling alcohol, providing regulated entertainment (such as music, dancing, plays, films, etc), or providing late night refreshments (hot foods and hot beverages after 11pm) then you will need a licence. This is under the Licensing Act 2003. 

Through licensing we are aiming to: 

  • prevent of crime and disorder
  • ensure public safety
  • prevent public nuisance
  • protect children from harm. 

Do I need a licence?

Most pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theatres and private members clubs will need a licence.

You will need a licence if you are: 

  • selling alcohol
  • supplying alcohol on behalf of a club or by order of a member of a club.

You will also need a licence if you are providing entertainment including: 

  • plays
  • films
  • indoor sporting events
  • boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • live music
  • recorded music
  • performances of dance
  • entertainment of a similar description to live music, recorded music or performances of dance, such as karaoke.

Late night refreshment provision, covering hot food and drinks sold for consumption either on or off the premises between 11pm and 5am, also needs a licence. If you sell food you will also need to be registered as a food business

Types of licence

There are four main types of alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment licence.

Responsible bodies

Except for personal licences, all applications will be considered by the responsible bodies for alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment. This includes us for licensing, health and safety, environmental health, and planning as well as : 

  • Nottinghamshire Police
  • Fire Authority
  • Nottinghamshire County Council for child protection matters and weights and measures
  • Public Health
  • Home Office (Immigration Enforcement). 

We have a full list of Responsible Authorities available to download:

Contact us about licences, permits and notices

If you have questions about the licences or applying you can contact us by: