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Standing for election

To become a councillor you must first stand for election, and be the winning candidate voted in by those in your area.

Who can stand for election?

To be a candidate for a Local Government election on the day of nomination and on the day of the election you must be:

  • aged 18 years or above
  • a British citizen, a qualifying citizen of a commonwealth country, a citizen of the Irish Republic, or a citizen of another member state of the European Union.

You must also meet at least one of the following on the day of nomination and the day of the election:

  • be registered as a local government elector for the area of the council or parish
  • be an owner or tenant of any land or premises in the area during the whole of 12 months before the day of nomination
  • the only place of work during the last 12 months has been in the area
  • have lived in the area during the whole of the last 12 months (and for parish councils only "or within 4.8km of it")

You cannot stand for election if:

  • you are employed by the local authority or hold paid office under the authority (including joint boards or committees)
  • subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order
  • been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more (including a suspended sentence) without the option of a fine during the 5 years before an election
  • been disqualified under the Representation of People Act or under the Audit Commission Act 1998
  • you are a politically restricted post holder
  • guilty of corruption or illegal practices by the election court.

How do I get nominated?

To be nominated in a district, county or parish election you will need a proposer, a seconder, who must be electors registered in the electoral area, e.g. ward, county division or parish ward.

Nomination forms are available from the returning officer ahead of an election.

How can I stand as a candidate?

Useful information on becoming a candidate for this election is available on the electoral commission website:

The Electoral Commission is an independent body which provides guidance and candidates and agents as part of its role. The resources on the website are a good way for candidates and agents to find out information about the electoral process and to ensure that their campaign activity is in line with electoral law.

Nomination Process

Nominations to stand for election as a candidate for the UK Parliamentary General election will be received by the Acting Returning Officer or Deputy.

Completed nomination forms and deposit must be submitted in person to the Returning Officer between the hours of 10am and 4pm from Wednesday 5 June until close of nominations at 4pm on Friday 7 June 2024 at:

  • address:

Nominations Room
Ashfield District Council
Urban Road
Kirkby in Ashfield
NG17 8DA

Please contact electoral services to make an appointment to have your nomination checked prior to formal submission:

Ways to contact us about standing for election

If you have a question you can contact us by: