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Ashfield Draft Local Plan Consultation (Regulation 18)

The Council consulted on the Draft Local Plan from the 4 October 2021 to 16 November 2021. Please note that the consultation is now closed.

The documents directly relating to the Draft Local Plan consultation can be found below. The evidence base documents are available on the Local Plan Evidence Base page.

Draft Local Plan - Regulation 18 consultation responses

We have taken into account all representations received and prepared a Statement of consultation document which reflects the position at August 2022.

The Statement of consultation summarises the responses received. These summaries are grouped by policy, site allocation and section of the draft Local Plan and into background documents, sustainability appraisal and other documents.

Whilst the document sets of the main aspects identified by the respondents from the consultation, further details regarding individual representations and the Council’s response can be found in these appendices:

Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan and supporting documents

Regulation 18 Background documents

The Background Papers bring together and explain the approach taken in relation to bringing forward the Local Plan.

Regulation 18 Sustainability appraisal

Sustainability appraisal considers the ways by which the Plan can contribute to improvements in environmental, social and economic conditions, as well as a means of identifying and mitigating any potential adverse effects that the Plan might otherwise have.

Evidence base

The current evidence base is available at Local Plan evidence base. Please note that the evidence base will change over time as studies are updated.