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"vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs".

Extremist – a person who holds extreme political or religious views.

Problems arise when views lead to dangerous or criminal behaviour or incitement to hatred,

Most people who believe in a religion or a political or animal rights cause are not extremists but such causes have sometimes attracted extremists who have resorted to violence and intimidation.

Extremists operate either as organised groups or ‘lone wolves’.

What is Prevent

Simply put, it is about preventing people and organisations from being involved in extremism or terrorism.

Prevent is one of four parts of the governments counter terrorism and domestic extremism strategy, known as CONTEST

Prevent is about identifying people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation or getting involved in extremism, and supporting them in any way that will help protect them from harm.

There are a very small number of people who support terrorist activity, or are ever likely to. The vast majority of people, in all communities, want to see it prevented. Most people want to play their part in helping to safeguard individuals and protect communities.

The Prevent strategy has three main objectives:

  1. Ideology - to respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism. That is to challenge and counter extremist and terrorist views
  2. Individuals - to prevent vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism by identifying who they are, and then to provide them with support, sometimes called interventions.
  3. Institutions to work within a wide range of sectors and institutions where people come together, where there may be either risks of radicalisation or opportunities to prevent it. That means places providing education, health and social care providers, prisons and the probation services. It also includes charities and faith organisations. It also means tackling the internet and other forms of social media.