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Stray and lost dogs

If you've lost a dog, found a dog, or spotted a stray get in touch. 

Found and stray dogs

If you find a dog and you know who owns it you must return it.

If you don't know the owner of the stray dog you can report it to us using our online form. 

Lost dogs

If you lose your dog you can telephone us on 01623 450000.

If we find your dog we'll try and reunite you as soon as possible. This is easier if your dog is wearing a collar and disc, or is micro-chipped. The first time we try to return the dog to you will be free of charge but second or more attempts will be charged. 

We must keep found dogs for 7 days at our kennels to try and reunite them with owners. After this time they will be eligible for re-homing. 

If we pick your dog up and it has no form of identification, such as a collar and disc and microchip, you'll be charged for its return. You could also be prosecuted or fined. 

Collar and disc

The laws says your dog must wear a collar with a tag showing name and address of the owner when it is in a public place. It is also recommended you put a mobile phone number on the tag.

As well as being law it is more likely a member of the public will be able to return your dog if it has a collar and disc on it. This will also help you avoid any charges we may have to make for kennelling or returning your dog. 


The law says dog owners must microchip their dogs and up-to-date contact details must be stored. 

A microchip is a permanent form of identification where a 'chip', about the size of a grain of rice, is inserted under the dog's skin between its shoulder blades. A dog warden or vet can then scan the dog to find details to trace an owner. 

If you move house, sell your dog or give it away you should update the database with the new details. 

A vet can microchip your dog.