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Wasps, bees and ants

We can help you identify the pest in your home or garden and advise on how to prevent or treat infestations.


The most common wasps are the German Wasp and Common Wasp. 

Their bodies have a characteristic black and yellow band across the abdomen and they are fairly large insects approximately 30mm in length. Both species of wasps are commonly found throughout Britain and Northern Europe.

They are social insects forming colonies inside their nests.

Treatment for wasps

Our treatment for wasps starts at £68 for Ashfield residents. You can pay online for pest control appointments

A single spray treatment is usually sufficient to control wasp nests. 

The pest controller will need to wear a wasp proof suit, gloves and hood and you are advised not to go near to the nest for several hours after the treatment.

We will follow up with a second treatment visit at no extra cost, if the initial treatment is not successful. 


There are more than 250 types of bee in the UK, but only one Honey Bee. Important pollinators bees are endangered and we prefer not to treat them unless there is a risk to public health. 

If you have a swarm of Honey Bees volunteers at the British Beekeepers Association may be able to remove them safely for you. Check their website to check the type of bee and find a local beekeeper

Other types of bee may be found in compost, under decking, or in bird boxes (bumblebees); in walls or cavities (solitary bees); or in the ground in your garden (ivy mining bees). Most of these bees can be left alone and won’t cause any issues to you or your pests.

Treatment for bees

Check the British Beekeepers Association to find a local beekeeper to remove Honey Bee swarms. 

For other types of bees which are causing a risk to public health our treatment starts at £68 for Ashfield residents. We will only carry out a treatment if there is no alternative. You can pay online for pest control appointments.


Ants are usually more a nuisance than they are a risk to you or your pets. They do not carry diseases and do not bite. 

In Britain, the black ant is commonly found in nests outdoors in soil, walls and under paving slabs. The insect lives in large communities. 

Worker ants will forage widely in search of food to take back to the nest and occasionally enter houses in search of sweet foods. The workers will tend to follow well defined trails or paths to reach the food source.

Treatment for ants

We can provide ant control treatments using a relatively new and very effective product. 

Our treatment for ants starts at £100 for Ashfield residents. You can pay online for pest control appointments.