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Help for disabled entrepreneurs

For any disabled entrepreneur just starting out with self-employment, it’s always a good step to speak to someone who can help you access any Government initiatives and practical support on offer. There are various benefits available to disabled people while in work, such as:

Access to work

Government initiative that grants assistance to help fund self-employment. The funding can be used on things like special equipment, software and any adaptations need, this includes to existing buildings but not new ones. Anyone claiming incapacity benefit may be able to claim this too.

Disabled Person’s Tax Credit

You may be able to claim additional payments. This is subject to individual situations, but is worth exploring. The amount of money received from tax credits is dependent on a person’s gross annual income; as income rises, the amount of tax credits reduces.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

PIP remains unaffected by going self-employed, having savings or other benefits, so it can help with extra living costs.

It’s also important to find a network of peers to bounce ideas off and to form a sense of community. Self-employment at home can be isolating, but there are plenty of networks to join, including Disabled Entrepreneurs or the Federation of Small Businesses. These will help you stay on top of changing funding opportunities and provide all kinds of useful support and open up new business opportunities.

Other Useful sites: