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Markets operator application form

Section 1: Your Details
Section 2: About the Market
What type of market are you applying for?

If Other
Section 2: About the Market Continued
How often will the market be held?

Will alcohol be on sale at the market

Section 3: Operational Issues
Section 4: Community based markets
Community based markets

Community based markets

Please complete this section only if the market will be held with the intention of raising funds or celebrating a special event. The market must be operated on a non-profit making basis and the operator shall, if requested, supply relevant information as proof of this to the Council. While it is recognised and acknowledged that some traders may be selling goods for their own purposes, the Council shall expect there to be a strong community element in the way the event is organised.

Section 5: Applicant Checklist

Applicant Checklist

Before submitting your application, please confirm that you have completed the following:

Obtained written approval from the land / building owner (if market is to be held on private land)

Obtained planning consent (if required) for the market

Completed a risk assessment in connection with the proposed operation of the market (you should include arrangements for vehicle movement, pedestrian safety, loading and unloading, traffic management, allocation of trading positions, use of cooking equipment, first aid and emergencies, food safety, provision of welfare facilities and erecting and dismantling of any equipment used in conjunction with the holding of the market).

Section 6: Commercial Market Licence Fees
A licence fee is payable once an application for a commercial market licence has been granted by the Council. A licence agreement for the identified events will be drawn-up by the Council and will require a statistical return and appropriate fee to be received within 7 days of an event being held. The licence fee for commercial markets will be based on the size of the market. Please see Appendix 2 for the current list of fees All fees are payable to Ashfield District Council.

Section 7: Declaration and Additional Information
Additional Information

Additional Information

In addition to obtaining a markets licence the Markets Operator is responsible for obtaining all other relevant permissions / consents to enable the market to operate legally and safely. If you are unsure about any aspect of this application or related consents then please contact the Council for guidance before signing below. In signing and submitting this application, you confirm that all the details you have provided are correct and you undertake to notify the Council of any changes to this information within five working days of such changes arising. The Council reserves the right to request additional information before a decision is taken on your application for a markets licence. Please tick the following boxes to confirm that you have included the following documents with this application:

Site location plan showing the boundary of the market area and the proposed layout of the stalls / pitches

A copy of your public liability insurance certificate (£5 million minimum cover required)

Application fee, (Payable by Debit/Credit Card Only) Telephone “Ashfield District Council markets Office on 01623 551385

Data consent
Consent for storing submitted data