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District council offices through a window

Benefits and Council Tax

The amount of benefit you get depends on the level of your capital and income, together with your circumstances.

Council Tax support

Council Tax support is paid to help with payment of your Council Tax. Any support awarded is deducted from your Council Tax account together with any other discounts which you may also qualify for.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit gives help with the payment of rent to a private landlord, housing association or for one of our properties. It cannot help with mortgage repayments or rent payable on business premises.

The Benefit Cap

There is a limit on the total amount of benefits you can receive. It applies to most people over 16 who are not at pension age. Find out more about the Benefit Cap on the GOV.UK website.

Manage your Benefits online

You can now view your benefit payments and entitlement electronically by signing up online.

OpenAshfield allows you to view:

  • your Housing Benefit entitlement
  • the next Housing Benefit payment due and previous payments
  • your Council Tax Reduction entitlement.

What are the benefits of viewing your account on line?

  • it's faster: you can see your notification as soon as it is available.
  • it saves paper, so it's better for the environment.
  • it helps us to reduce our printing and postage costs.


Contact us about Council Tax or Benefits

If you need to contact us about Council Tax or Benefits you can do so by: