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Station Masterplans/ Maid Marian Line

To improve the district’s connectivity and access the economic benefits that the new line could offer, a proposal has been developed to re-open the existing freight line between the Robin Hood Line at Kirkby-in-Ashfield and the Erewash Valley Line to passenger trains. The line would be renamed the Maid Marian Line.

Studies have considered the overall economic impact of the potential new passenger route with particular regard to the economic benefits and development potential of the 4 Robin Hood Line Stations in both Ashfield, Mansfield and their surrounding areas. You can find the Studies in the Related documents section of this web page.

As part of the plans, Kirkby and Sutton Parkway Stations both could receive significant upgrades, which would include improving accessibility. Station Masterplans have been prepared alongside the economic studies and are being used as a basis for exploring potential funding

The Station Masterplans in particular:

  • Show how the potential improvements in and around the stations could be capitalised on to create enhanced places and better connectivity for local residents.
  • Consider the sense of arrival at each of the station and identify sites for development around the stations, along with opportunities for public realm improvements.
  • Provide a framework for future private / public investment in the areas around the stations.

The Masterplans are not inflexible or prescriptive and are not intended to provide definitive projects or design solutions. You can find the Station Masterplans and Maid Marion Rail Extension Economic Impact Analysis in the Local Plan Evidence Base under Building a strong economy which provides opportunities for local people.

High Speed 2 Phase 2b

HS2 is a proposed high speed railway, linking up London, the Midlands and the North. The construction of the new railway is split into 3 Phases. Phase 2b is the proposed railway from Birmingham to Leeds and part of the route runs through Ashfield, close to the M1 Motorway.   The Department for Transport’s Integrated Rail Plan for the North and Midlands, November 2021 sets out as a core commitment to develop a high speed line from the West Midlands to East Midlands Parkway as the next hybrid Bill to be introduced.  East Midland Parkway is an existing station on the Midland Mainline to the south of Nottingham.   However, there has been no final decision of the HS2 Phase 2b route and whether it will ultimately run to Leeds.  Therefore, the HS2 route through Ashfield remains safeguarded by The Department for Transport.  Safeguarding is an established part of the planning process, designed to ensure that land which has been identified for major infrastructure projects is protected from conflicting developments. The safeguarded HS2b route can be viewed on our interactive mapping system, under the Employment and Transport layer.

Ways to contact us about the Station Masterplans/ Maid Marian Line

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