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A leaseholder owns the lease to a flat, while the freeholder owns the building the flat is in. 

If you have bought the leasehold interest in a flat, either through your Right to Buy or on the open market, it simply means you have bought the lease. You have the right to live in your home for a long period of time, usually up to 125 years. 

Leaseholder responsibilities

As a leaseholder you are responsible for certain repairs, maintenance and the gas safety of your appliances. Your responsibilities are set out in your lease and in the leaseholder handbook. You can find the latest version in the related documents section of this page. 

You must pay a service charge for your share of the costs of maintaining the block and providing services such as heating and lighting of shared areas, door entry systems and building insurance. Full details of the services your building receives are detailed in your service charge breakdown. We will invoice you annually for your service charge. 

You may also have to pay your share of the costs of any major works needed to your block of flats.

When you buy your leasehold, as with any house purchase, you will also need to consider:

  • immediate costs such as legal fees, stamp duty and a survey
  • ongoing expenses like the mortgage, Service Charge, utility bills and repairs to your home.

Gas safety

Your gas appliances – get them checked, keep them safe! For important information from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), please read their information leaflets.

As part of our Home Improvement Scheme, we are able to carry out Annual Property Health and Safety Check to your home at a competitive rate. Alternatively, you may choose to employ a different company to undertake these works on your behalf.

Freeholder responsibilities

As the freeholder we own the building and are responsible for looking after the structure and communal areas of the block and carrying out repairs and maintenance.

You can request a repair to these areas online. 

Contact us about your leasehold

You can contact us about your leasehold, and with any compliments, comments, and complaints by: