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Crime, security and anti-social behaviour conditions


Rent payments

If the residential occupier misses a rent payment, the Licence Holder must visit the property no later than one month from the date the payment was due. This is to ensure that the property is secure and has not been abandoned.

Window locks

Where window locks are fitted, the Licence Holder will ensure that keys are provided to the relevant occupants.

Door locks

All door locks must comply with the relevant British Standard applicable at the time of fitting, and any subsequent replacement. Where previous occupants have not surrendered keys, the Licence Holder will arrange for a lock change to be undertaken, prior to new occupants moving in.

Anti-social behaviour

The Licence Holder must take reasonable and practical steps to reduce or prevent anti-social behaviour by persons occupying or visiting the premises, and the use of the premises for illegal purposes

The licence holder must:

  • Cooperate with the Council, Police and other agencies in resolving complaints of anti-social behaviour. The Licence Holder and/or their nominated managing agent are required to undertake an investigation of any complaints regarding their tenants

Property inspection

The licence holder/management agents must make regular inspections of the property to ensure that the property is in a decent state of repair and that the occupiers are not in breach of tenancy terms and conditions. To proactively reduce anti-social behaviour associated with private sector accommodation.

Tenant responsibilities

Ensure that each tenant is made aware that they are responsible for their own behaviour and the behaviour of other occupiers and visitors.

Tenants must be made aware that if they, other occupiers, or their visitors:

  • cause nuisance or annoyance to neighbours; or use abusive or threatening language or behaviour to neighbours;
  • or fail to store or dispose of refuse properly; or cause damage to fixtures, fittings, fire prevention or alarm equipment or installations,
  • or to the fabric of the premises; or fail to give access to the landlord or his agent for the purpose of maintaining communal areas
  • or upon reasonable notice, to inspect or undertake works within their accommodation.

They will be liable to enforcement action which may include possession proceedings either under the terms of the tenancy, pursuant to s.21 of the Housing Act 1988

Terms and conditions of occupancy

The written statement of the terms and conditions upon which the house is occupied contains a clause holding the occupants responsible for any anti-social behaviour by themselves and/or their visitors; All occupants are aware of the existence of this clause by advising them upon taking up residence;

Responding to complaints

The Licence Holder must respond to complaints of anti-social behaviour that concern occupiers of the premises or their visitors. Where anti-social behaviour is discovered, the Licence Holder must inform the tenant of the matter within 14 days and of the consequences of its continuation;

Investigating complaints

If requested by the Authority, the Licence Holder and / or their nominated agent must provide details of investigations undertaken in relation to their tenants and/or their visitors, providing the names of all involved persons. The Licence Holder must ensure legal compliance to bring a tenancy to an end.

Garages, sheds and outhouses

The Licence Holder must ensure that all outhouses, garages and sheds are kept secured and used for their intended purpose. The Licence Holder must not allow them to be occupied as individual habitable rooms, kitchens or bathrooms.

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