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Tenant involvement

Tenant involvement is about tenants playing a role in helping us to improve our standards and performance. We encourage all tenants to get involved in shaping our services.

Tenants Gateway

The Tenants Gateway is a group of tenants who meet with Senior Housing Managers to discuss issues about the management and delivery of landlord services.

The Gateway meets every 2 months for a couple of hours. We're looking for new members for the Tenants Gateway. If you are interested in getting involved get in touch. 

Tenant Scrutiny Panel

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel is a group of trained volunteer council tenants who review the services delivered by us.

The panel work as a team to review our services and suggests improvements to the way we do things in the form of an action plan.

We're looking for new members for the Housing Scrutiny Panel. If you are interested in getting involved get in touch. 

Tenants Charter

The Tenants Charter is a 3 year plan that sets out various ways in which our tenants can get involved with other tenants and the Council.

The aims of this Charter are to:

  • Enable tenants to get actively involved in improving and developing high quality housing services
  • Develop effective communication with tenants
  • Facilitate joint working between tenants, staff, Elected Members and communities in order to achieve effective community involvement and actions.

Please see the Tenants Charter document in the relevant documents section which explains how to get involved with our housing service.


We now have in place a customer opinion and influencing network (COIN) and are looking for tenants to become COIN members.

COIN members can tell us about their experience of the housing services they have received and give their opinion on how things could be improved. This may include giving feedback via our website, email, face to face or by telephone.

For more information – please see the COIN leaflet in the related documents section.

Ashfield Tenants and Residents Forum

This forum is made up of and led by council tenants from across Ashfield. The forum has a focus on their local neighbourhoods and how they can help support their communities.

It meets every 3 months to discuss district-wide issues affecting tenants and to discuss the services received from us. 

Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

We undertake surveys to ask tenants what they think of our services and identify the issues that really matter to them.

Tenant Participation & Advisory Service (TPAS)

Proud member of TPAS - Tenant participation and advisory service - 2021 - 2020

To ensure we are hearing from all our tenants, we are members of the Tenant Participation & Advisory Service (TPAS), a not-for-profit organisation that promotes, supports and champions tenant involvement.

Contact us to get involved

If you're interested in joining any of tenant participation groups get in touch with us by: