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Ashfield District Council standard conditions

Safe electrical installations

The Licence Holder must ensure that the premises are covered by a valid current (i.e. dated within the previous 5 years) Domestic Electrical Installation Periodic Report for all of the electrical installations throughout the period of the licence. The Licence Holder will supply the Council, on demand, with a copy of the periodic inspection report; and ensure that all stated recommendations for urgent attention and improvement (Codes 1 and 2) are carried out within 28 days of the inspection report.

Fire detection

The Licence Holder must ensure that all fire detection systems, means of escape and fire-fighting equipment installed in the property are at least annually inspected by a competent person, and are adequately maintained and tested in accordance with any manufacturer’s instructions. The Licence Holder must make a declaration on application and thereafter within 28 days of a request by the Authority.

Property inventory

The Licence Holder must arrange to carry out a detailed inventory to be agreed with each occupant at the start of their occupation of the house. The Licence Holder must keep a copy of the inventory at their business address.

Repair reporting and inspections

The Licence Holder must ensure that occupants of the house receive written confirmation about how they must deal with repairs and emergencies should they arise. The Licence Holder must ensure that inspections are carried at least every 6 months to identify problems relating to the condition and management of the property. A copy of the tenancy management arrangements and a log of the inspections carried out must be provided within 28 days of a request by the Authority.

Protecting the deposit

The Licence Holder must protect any tenancy deposit taken under an assured shorthold tenancy by placing it in a statutory tenancy deposit scheme, and must advise the tenants where it has been placed.

Compliance checks

The Licence Holder must cooperate with the Authority by allowing an authorised person with identification to access the house for the purpose of carrying out licence compliance checks. Officers would normally give at least 24 hours’ notice to the Licence Holder or property manager, but unannounced visits may be made by authorised officers where deemed reasonable and appropriate.

Rubbish in the garden

The Licence Holder must state in any written agreement with the tenant that no refuse (or rubbish) must be kept in the front or rear gardens (other than in the storage facilities provided).

Energy Performance Certificate

The Licence Holder must obtain a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for new tenancies. A copy must be made available to all new tenants and produced to the Authority within 28 days of a request by the Authority.

Competent persons

All repairs to the house or any installations, facilities or equipment within it are carried out by competent and reputable persons.

Communal parts

All corridors, stairways, common parts and exit routes are kept free from obstruction and combustible materials

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