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Ashfield Careers Fair feedback - Exhibitors

We are committed to continuously improving the services we deliver to all our customers.  We value your views and would appreciate a few minutes of your time to tell us what you thought of today’s event.

Organisation details
Please enter your stall number(s) - 1 - 93.
Event information
Do you feel that the event met its objectives with information and advice in the following areas?

Did the event meet with your expectations and reason for attending?

Approximately how many people approached you today for advice and support?

In the main what were the people that approached you looking to do in the future?

Were you able to support people according to their expectations of the event today?

Did the venue meet your expectations?

Have you made any appointments to give further support after today’s event?

If you were promoting internal job vacancies today, please let us know how many vacancies (and breakdown of part time/full time, permanent/temporary), and average salary (estimate).

Please complete each section

If you were promoting internal vacancies, have you managed to appoint anyone at the event today?

In particular, would you like to attend a similar event in the future?
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