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Walking in Ashfield grant scheme

We would like to support local community organisations to provide community walking opportunities within Ashfield. For this, we will distribute UKSPF funding in small grants of up to £1000 to local organisations within the Ashfield district.

These funds could be spent on things such as set up costs, paying for transport to explore different walks, purchasing equipment, printing maps/guides, or creating trails for children and families within the district (this is not a definitive list, we would love to hear your ideas!).

How would £1000 support your organisation to provide the above? Fill in the application form and let us know.

All grant payments will be paid by BACS as soon as all necessary processes are completed e.g. setting up of new accounts. 

Organisations will be asked to confirm their organisation type (i.e. charity status and legal structure) on the application form.

Note: Businesses and individuals are ineligible for this fund.

How to apply

You will be asked for the following to complete the application:

  • Proof of your organisation authenticity
  • Copies of your organisation's equal opportunities policy, safeguarding statement and insurance cover
  • An overview of how you plan to spend the money if successful
  • Bank details for your organisation.

If you don't have all of the documentation available, still apply as your application will still be considered.

  1. Please complete the online application form (the whole form will need to be completed in one go, as it cannot be saved and completed at a later date)
  2. Please refer to the General Data Protection Regulation/Privacy Notice statement for information about how we will use your data.
  3. Please acknowledge our grant aid in your annual report, in your accounts and in any publicity or other written material you produce about the activities we are funding.
  4. Please retain all your receipts, record details of all your expenditure and project outcomes as we will require you to complete a short monitoring form at a later date.

Applications open from , and will be open until all funds have been allocated. Applications are on a first come, first served basis.

Contact details

Group/ Organisation
Group/organisation contact
Please complete this section with the details of the person who has overall accountability for using the grant.

This person must be over 18 years old.

Place where activities are coordinated.
Organisation details
Type of organisation

Please state what type your organisation is
This could be a copy of your organisation's letter headed paper, other documentation etc...
Other information

Even if your organisation doesn't have all or any of the requested documentation, your application will still be considered.

Does the group have an equal opportunities statement?

Does the group have a safeguarding children and/or vulnerable adults statement?

Does the group have insurance cover?

Grant request
Please give details of the project this grant will support, and include a breakdown of what you plan to spend the grant money on (£1000).
Is this a new or existing project?

Do you anticipate this project being sustainable long term?

How will the residents benefit?

(max 100 words)
Have all staff/volunteers had a DBS check if considered necessary to carry out their role?

Bank details
Walk Notts Partnership
Find out more about Walk Notts Partnership

Walk Notts want to inspire people in our city and county to walk more often, particularly those who currently don’t incorporate walking into their everyday lives. They want to transform the way people think and behave in relation to walking and help people find their own motivation to walk. Find out more and join the Walk Notts Partnership.

Data consent
We are applying for funding from Ashfield District Council and, if successful, we agree to spend the funds for the intended purpose described above. This application contains true and accurate information and I or an authorised representative from my organisation will inform of any changes to the organisation or project.
Please give the name and relationship.
Consent for storing submitted data

Contact us

If you need any further information or support with this application: