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Rumbles cafe on a green grass at Sutton Lawn

Update on Sutton Lawn cafe

Ashfield District Council are working hard to find a resolution for the café at Sutton Lawn.

Ashfield District Council has been negotiating new lease with Rumbles Catering for the café on Sutton Lawn. The legal process regarding the lease is ongoing and as such we are limited as to what can be said publicly. However, we want to be open about our position in relation to the café and wider, ambitious plans for the future of Sutton Lawn.

We recognise the important work Rumbles Catering does in offering opportunities for people with disabilities to work in an inclusive and safe working environment. This is reflected in the minimal rent they have been paying to run the café at Sutton Lawn for over 15 years. Due to the reduction in government funding for local services and increases in energy costs, we can no longer afford to subsidise a profitable café to the levels it has previously.

We have a duty to ensure the terms of our leases on all Council owned buildings are fair and proportionate to everyone, including the taxpayer, and with this in mind a new lease for a substantial period of time was offered which included Rumbles becoming responsible for their own utility costs and cleaning.

We are disappointed that negotiations have proved unsuccessful thus far and remain fully committed to safeguarding the future operations of the café so that people can continue to enjoy good food and drinks at the park.

We have ambitions for Sutton Lawn and we want the café to be part of these plans so we will continue to work towards a resolution.