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A council community protection officer in a high vis vest

Three Kirkby residents receive Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions

The Council’s Community Safety Team obtained three Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Orders against three residents, Katie Ross aged 39, Conna Ross aged 21, and Elise (Mary) Bills aged 37, all of Poplar Avenue, Kirkby.

The residents were causing significant issues within the area of Poplar Avenue, Kirkby, involving anti-social behaviour, abuse, aggressive behaviour, noise nuisance, and waste outside the property.

Despite support being offered and warnings being issued, the Community Safety team continued to receive reports about the behaviour from the local community. Following sufficient evidence being provided, the Council had little alternative other than to apply to Mansfield County Court for Injunctions.

A Without Notice injunction was granted on the 5th November 2021 and granted in full on the 17th November 2021 against all three residents. The Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions will remain in place until 17th November 2022.

The injunction forbids all three residents from committing violence or making threats of violence within the District and engaging in behaviour causing nuisance or annoyance or abusive behaviour. It also prohibits Katy Ross from allowing visitors to her property after 6pm until 9am, except emergency workers and healthcare workers, and forbids Conna Ross and Elise Bills from entering Poplar Grove, Kirkby-In-Ashfield.

The residents were required to pay claimant costs totalling £680.50

Conna Ross and Elise Bills breached the injunction on 22nd November 2021 by visiting Poplar Grove. They were subsequently arrested and convicted for Contempt of Court at Nottingham County Court and received a 7-day suspended sentence each for the remaining term of the injunction.

In the wake of the previous breach in November Conna Ross proceeded to breach the injunction for a second time on 21st January 2022 and was arrested. He received a 21-day custodial sentence which triggered his previous 7-day suspended sentence following his conviction for Contempt of Court at Nottingham County Court. Therefore he received a 28 day immediate custodial sentence.

Cllr Helen-Ann Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Crime Reduction said:

“This is another fantastic result from the Community Safety Team. All three residents were causing misery to the lives of their neighbours and the wider area on Coxmoor. These injunctions come as part of a variety of enforcement work that we have been undertaking on Coxmoor Estate over the past 12 weeks including, 5 Fixed Penalty Notices, 8 Prevention of Damage by Pest Notices, and 27 Community Protection Warnings and Notices relating to ASB, nuisance, fly tipping and environmental hazards.”
“The Council is committed to stamping out anti-social behaviour in Ashfield and we will take enforcement action whenever it is necessary. We want to improve the lives of the residents who are effected by the behaviours of the minority.”

Any breaches of the order should be reported to Nottinghamshire Police and Ashfield District Council. Any Live breaches of the order should be reported to Nottinghamshire Police on 999 for which the residents can be arrested.