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Police stop commercial vehicle to perform weight prohibition inspection

Road safety operations launched across Ashfield

The operations were aimed at preventing and minimising road traffic accidents across Ashfield’s roads as well as encouraging responsible driving through raising awareness.

The first day of action took place on Wednesday 6 July where over 40 vehicles were checked during the day with 15 of the inspections identifying offences which resulted in the following actions:

1 x car with illegal tinted windows

1 x disqualified driver with no insurance

7 x seatbelt offences

1 x driver reported for an expired licence

4 x vehicles issued with weight prohibition notices

1 x vehicle probation notice issued for defective lights


Cllr Helen Ann-Smith, Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Lead Member for Community Safety and Crime Reduction said:

"These operations help us to keep the residents of Ashfield safe whilst increasing our chance to enforce road safety and educate drivers who are causing harm to our communities and in the worst cases placing lives at risk. The partnership between Ashfield District Council and its partner agencies, resulted in a successful operation and we will continue to work alongside these services to ensure we explore every possible avenue to take positive action.’’

Ashfield District Council is committed to reducing crime, antisocial behaviour and driving offences across the District. Delivering on projects such as the Safer Streets initiative which has improved the safety of women and young girls in Sutton and the Selective Licencing Initiative which has been rolled out across known hot spots with the goal of making landlords more responsible and accountable.