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Junction 27 of the M1 Motorway

New PSPO Gating Order and Junction 27 Car Cruising

Ashfield District Council’s extended and varied Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) comes into force on Friday 1st October 2021 for three years and includes a new Restricted Access order, as well as Anti-Social Behaviour and Dog Control Zones, and additional powers to tackle car cruising on Junction 27.

The land between Bentinck Street and Welbeck Street, Sutton in Ashfield, will be closed to public access under the extended and varied PSPO. The Council consulted residents of both streets and received no objections to the plans. New barriers and signs will be installed to make residents aware that the land has no public right of way and that entering the land can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Cllr Samantha Deakin, Councillor for Sutton Central & New Cross said:

“We have decided to restrict access to the strip of land between Bentinck Street and Welbeck Street as it was an anti-social behaviour hotspot. Residents told us about the issues it caused so we have acted to remove the land that is enabling these behaviours.”

The PSPO also prohibits car cruising on land at Junction 27 of the M1. The order prohibits driving at excessive speed, aggressive acceleration, stunts such as drifting or wheel spins, the playing of load music, driving in convoy, sounding horns and congregating to spectate.

Cllr Helen-Ann Smith, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Crime Reduction said:

“The car cruising restriction has proved successful in the past three years at tackling car cruising and associated behaviours and we will continue to review our orders to ensure we have additional powers to tackle these types of problems.. Car cruising is dangerous, not just for those involved but members of the public using the roads safely. The PSPO acts as a warning to those that think its ok to act in this anti-social way, we will not tolerate lives being put at risk and fixed penalty notices will be issued to those caught.
“As a Council we pride ourselves on listening to residents and finding solutions to issues that negatively impact peoples’ lives. This is just another example of this.”

You can view the full PSPO on our website here.