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Cllr Tom Hollis at Door-Stop International

Local businesses collaborate to create environmentally friendly solutions

Door-Stop International, based in Huthwaite, are working alongside Derwent Waste Management, to provide innovative recycling solutions which will benefit the local community.

Derwent Waste take the wooden packaging boxes from Door-Stop International, which would usually have been recycled, and repurpose them into decorative planters that the Council can use throughout the District.

Both companies are also off setting their carbon footprint with a tree planting scheme. They will be planting 25 trees to offset the three vehicles from Derwent Waste that make the 12 mile round trip from Door-Stop International. These ideas are just the start of their partnership and journey to become more environmentally friendly.

Cllr Tom Hollis, Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council and Ward Councillor for Huthwaite, paid a visit to Door-Stop International in October to see some of their environmental initiatives for himself. He commented “It is fantastic that both businesses are thinking of their impact on the environment and are finding solutions to combat this. We are so pleased that they can offer these planters for the benefit of the community and I am sure they will be enjoyed by everyone.
“Their tree planting mission aligns with our environmental responsibilities as a Council. We have committed to planting 1000 trees throughout the District, and we started our planting at the Moorhouse Orchard last October. It is great to see local businesses working in partnership for the benefit of the environment and the community”  
Stacie Haymes, Business Development Manager, Derwent Waste Management, said “We are proud to be working with Door-Stop International to find recycling solutions that are not only are in the interests of the environment but can be enjoyed by the wider community.”
Shantay Baugh, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Door-Stop International, said “We are glad that we can give something back to our local community. It is important to us as a company that we are able to become more environmentally friendly, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Derwent Waste Management in the future.”