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Cllr Will Bostcok holding a tree sapling

Council to plant 1000 trees across the District

As part of Ashfield District Councils commitment to plant thousands of trees across the District, 1000 more trees are being planted this year.

With the help of local school children and volunteers, the trees are being planted at six  parks and green spaces across the District to create a healthier, greener, more pleasant place to live and work.

The trees were donated as part of the Tree Appeal whose aim is to promote biodiversity, create habitats and improve the environment for people.

Trees are being planted at:

  • Beacon Drive
  • Charnwood Street Recreation Ground
  • Healdswood Recreation Ground
  • Kenbrook Road Playing Field
  • Morven Park
  • Pye Hill Road
  • Salterford Road Open Space
  • Washdyke Lane Recreation Ground/Wighay Park

The first 100 trees were planted at Healdswood Recreeation Ground last Friday, where Cllr Will Bostock Ward Councillor for Skegby said:

“It is fantastic to see the volunteers and school children planting more trees withing the District. These are the first of 1000 trees that will be planted between now and March, continuing the Councils commitment to plant thousands more trees in the District.
“We want to ensure that Ashfield remains a green and healthy place to live and work for generations to come.”