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Council Tax Bill on a table with a calculator

Council paid out £5million in Council Tax rebates since April

Ashfield District Council has now paid the £150 Council Tax rebate to over 33,000 eligible households.

The payments totalling £5million have been made to residents in Bands A-D who pay their Council Tax via Direct Debit. This week the Council has started sending letters to the 18,000 households in Bands A-D, that don’t pay their Council Tax via Direct Debit, to explain how they can claim their rebate.

A secure online form will be set up on the Council’s website for those who don’t pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit. Residents will need to enter their bank details and other information to verify their identity. This form must be completed accurately and in full to avoid any delays in receiving the rebate into bank accounts.

Cllr David Martin, Cabinet Member for Finance said:

“We are pleased with the progress we have made on paying out the Council Tax rebate, over half of all eligible households have now received their rebates. The Revenues and Benefits Team have worked incredibly hard to process over 33,000 rebates.
“Letters will be arriving from the end of this week and over the next few weeks for eligible households who pay their council tax by methods other than Direct Debit. This will be a complex process, but we are working flat out to ensure that those who need the rebate will receive it as soon as possible. The online form will be the quickest way for residents, who don’t pay their Council Tax via Direct Debit, to claim their £150.
“We’d like to thank residents for their patience whilst we process the remaining rebates.”