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Food Bank

Council continues to support local foodbank

Throughout the pandemic Ashfield District Council has supported the Let’s All Eat Foodbank based in Sutton in Ashfield.

The Let’s All Eat Foodbank supports over 120 families each week, with numbers continuing to increase. Food packages are delivered weekly by volunteers to families that have been referred to the service. Providing fresh food and store cupboard essentials donations are received from the public, local and high street businesses.

Over the past 12 months the Council has provided over £3,000 in funding to Let’s All Eat and over £15,000 in funding to support foodbanks across the District.

Let’s All Eat has also been an essential partner in offering Covid Winter Grant funded vouchers and food parcels to Ashfield residents.  Throughout January and February 2021 they issued parcels and vouchers with a value of over £15,000.

At a recent visit to the Foodbank, Ashfield District Council CEO, Carol Cooper-Smith saw first hand what a vital service the foodbank is delivering, saying:

“The pandemic has seen a huge increase in demand for families needing support with food, many of these people haven’t accessed the service before but the effect of furlough and job losses has had a noticeable impact on demand.”  

Following the visit Ashfield District Council staff donated 200 Easter Eggs that were distributed to:

  • Let’s All Eat, Sutton
  • Mary’s Foodbank, Sutton
  • Kirkby Storehouse
  • Community Foodbank, Kirkby Woodhouse, St. John’s Heritage Centre
  • Food Bank Selston Church of Christ
  • Sutton Christian Fellowship
  • Stanton Hill Community Help Centre

Carol Cooper-Smith continues:

“The response from Council staff has been incredible and we’re pleased to be able to support the foodbanks and ensure that families using the service had a treat this Easter. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the foodbanks across the District for their tremendous efforts this year. They are delivering a much needed service in our local communities in really difficult times.”