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Cllr Samantha Deakin with a CCTV camera on Outram Street

CCTV camera installed on Welbeck Street, Sutton


On Wednesday 13th January, a brand new CCTV camera was installed on Welbeck Street, Sutton.

This CCTV camera follows the recent creation of a special task force by Cllr Samantha Deakin, Councillor for Sutton Central and New Cross, to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour in the New Cross area.

Cllr Samantha Deakin, Councillor for Sutton Central and New Cross, said “I have been working with residents for two years to try and get a CCTV camera on Welbeck Street and I am so pleased that we finally have one in place. We know there is a lot of anti-social behaviour happening around Welbeck Street, so this camera will enable us to catch those responsible. It will hopefully act as a deterrent to the minority of residents who cause problems on this street.
“This is the first camera of many and is another example of the Council’s commitment to create a safer and cleaner District. We have received £26,000 of funding to install more CCTV cameras in other areas of Sutton, and to cover some of our parks. We want to create a District that is safe, clean and brings pride to the people that live here. We have shown time and time again that Anti-Social Behaviour will not be tolerated in Ashfield.
“Ashfield District Council are committed to making our town centres safe places to visit and enjoy. These CCTV cameras are part of our wider, ongoing plans to achieve this.”