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Cllr Helen Ann Smith with an Anti-Social Behaviour Officer in front of business

Tackling anti-social behaviour in Stanton Hill

This is following repeat calls from local residents over youth anti-social behaviour. Councillor, Helen-Ann Smith has worked with the teams as five acceptable behavioural contracts and three community protection warnings have been issued.

The Council and Police Teams have already issued five Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and three Community Protection Warnings to young people in the vicinity of Brand Lane, Cooperative Street, Institute Street and Cross Row. This is just over the past month alongside 24 hour monitoring from the Council’s recently upgraded public space CCTV devices from Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters.

The monitoring of CCTV and notices issued have played a key role in reducing the number of demands being received in the area. This is after young people were required to cease causing anti-social behaviour which prohibits them from accessing certain locations and targeting members of the public. As part of this work, the Council’s Protection Officers liaised with parents, social care teams, and schools, to ensure wrap around support is provided to young people where required.

Councillor Helen-Ann Smith is Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council and the Executive Lead Member for Community Safety said

“I have worked with my neighbours to ensure that the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour is prioritised in Stanton Hill. As a result, CCTV monitoring and hi-visibility patrols will continue to be being undertaken across Stanton Hill as part of the ongoing Operation Springboard initiative. This will ensure that community reassurance can be provided throughout Stanton Hill and behaviours can be monitored.”

Wider projects are also being undertaken across Stanton hill to develop community cohesion with a services awareness day taking place in July and ongoing days of action being planned over the following months.

Antonio Taylor, Community Safety Manager at Ashfield District Council, said:

“These interventions demonstrate an effective partnership approach by the Council and Police to manage anti-social behaviour.  As a Community Safety Partnership we recognise that there may be underlying causes for why young people may be involved in anti-social behaviour.  It is pivotal that this is explored so we can provide the appropriate levels of support.”


Councillor Helen-Ann Smith continued:


“The Council’s Community Safety Team has been working in partnership with the Police to proactively deal with these types of issues in our village. The work in Stanton Hill is a shining example of the work that is being undertaken to tackle anti-social behaviour, the £1.3 million funding secured within the last year by the Community Safety Partnership will continue to enhance the work we are doing across the District to promote feelings of safety and tackle neighbourhood nuisance.’’