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graves with grey slate surrounding them

Sutton Cemetery

Ashfield District Council has carried out major improvements to Sutton Cemetery over the past few years to ensure that the cemetery is a peaceful place of rest.

The children’s section of the cemetery has received several improvement works including the removal of trees and their stumps to stop leaves and branches falling on graves, slate has been added to the ground around the graves which was previously becoming flooded, and crosses have been ordered to be placed on the unmarked graves.

Further improvements to the cemetery have been planned and will be happening across April including a deep clean of the cemetery and the replanting of flower beds which are happening today.

The Council’s Community Safety Team have been working closely with the Police to deal with the instances of anti-social and criminal behaviour that has been taking place at the cemetery. Last week, a Council employee witnessed a drug deal taking place at the Cemetery which resulted in the Police deploying Operation Reacher who made arrests.

Following this, the Council has secured two CCTV cameras, one which will be installed at the bottom of the cemetery early next week, and one at the entrance in the next few weeks, to deter and catch any anti-social or criminal behaviour. New CCTV signage will be going up alongside the cameras over the next couple of weeks.

All six bins are being replaced next week and there are plans in place to retarmac the paths and to install new higher curbs to prevent people driving over the grass.

Dog walkers have been using the Cemetery as an exercise route and many owners have been leaving their dog’s foul behind. As a result of this the Council undertook a public consultation on plans to close the entrance at Jubilee Road to address these concerns. The results of the consultation will be shared with Cabinet for a decision to be made. Any person who is caught leaving dog foul will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice and fined £100 under our Public Spaces Protection Order.

Paul Parkinson, Executive Director of Operations at Ashfield District Council, said:

“The Council has been working with the families who have loved ones buried at Sutton Cemetery and we have acted on their concerns and we will continue to work closely with them. We have plans for future improvements to ensure that the cemetery, and graves, are respected and maintained to an exceptional level.
“We want Sutton Cemetery to return to being a place of rest that the families can be proud of. We are determined to crack down on any instances of anti-social or criminal behaviour taking place there so that the cemetery can provide a place of peaceful reflection without being spoilt by a minority of people with no respect.”