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man handing over keys to a house

Selective Licensing Scheme application deadline looms

Landlords and agents with properties in Sutton and Stanton Hill must apply for their selective licence by Tuesday 25th October, if they haven’t already applied.

Ashfield District Council’s Selective Licensing Scheme rolled out across Sutton and Stanton Hill in July, and now the Council’s grace period for applications is coming to an end.

Under the scheme, all landlords with any privately rented properties in the selected area will need a licence to let these properties. Selective licensing has been in place in Stanton Hill and New Cross areas for the past five years, helping to bring about positive change and improvement to homes and the wider community.

The new scheme covers a wider area following a recent consultation. Landlords with privately rented properties in Stanton Hill and Sutton Central are now required to apply for a licence by 25th October. Failure to licence an eligible property could result in a Civil Penalty Notice or prosecution.

The full list of streets which fall under the Selective Licensing Scheme, and full scheme guidance, can be found on the Council’s website.

Paul Parkinson, Director of Housing and Assets at Ashfield District Council, said:

“The vast majority of private landlords who rent out properties in the District operate within the law and look after their tenants, but there are some who fail to provide housing to a decent standard. Selective Licensing is an important tool that allows us to make improvements to, and regulate, the private housing in the areas which it is applied to."
“At this stage most landlords within the licencing area have registered their properties, but time is running out for those few that have not.”
“The last five years have proved a huge success under the previous scheme and we hope those improvements will continue to be made under this new scheme.”