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New CCTV cameras for Hucknall Park

New CCTV cameras for Hucknall Park

Over £40,000 for the new cameras was secured through Ashfield District Council and the Police Crime Commissioner funding to install the two 10m columns and CCTV cameras to help reduce antisocial behaviour, graffiti and promote a greater feeling of safety whilst using Ashfield’s green spaces.

Deputy Leader Cllr Helen-Ann Smith Executive Lead Member for Community safety and Crime Reduction said:

“The new cameras will go a long way to helping the Anti-Social Behaviour Teams monitor and pro-actively react to the behaviours we face on Titchfield Park in Hucknall. We want the space to feel safe for everyone and we will stamp out the minority who do cause issues.”

Cllr Lee waters said:

“We will continue to deliver on initiatives such as this to help promote feeling of safety in areas of the community that have been identified as hot-spots for troubled behaviour and attitudes.”

The new cameras have a clear view of the open car park to promote safer parking, the pavilion area which has been a hot-spot for graffiti and the areas set aside for wilding where there have been incidents of anti-social behaviour. The skate park and surrounding equipment are now covered by CCTV which has a full view of the café, war memorial and the open field in the other direction.

The CCTV Cameras are linked directly into the Police CCTV System and can be monitored 24 hours a day to pro-actively respond to incidents, increasing response times and gain insights into anti-social behaviour.       

The initiative promotes Ashfield District Council’s policy to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour and crime to make the area safer, cleaner and greener for those living, working and visiting Ashfield.