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A group of people are stood in front of Lindley's Mill in Sutton

Lindley’s Mill restoration is complete

The refurbishment of a grade II listed mill in Sutton has been completed by Ashfield District Council.

Lindley’s Windmill on Prospect Place, Sutton, is Ashfield’s last remaining mill out of the nine that were built across Sutton centuries ago. The windmill dates to 1823 and was in operation as a flour mill until 1895.

Over the past seven weeks, the Council has replaced the flat roof for a conical roof to help prevent water damage, replaced the floor inside the mill, and cleaned the building to ensure the hidden gem can be preserved for years to come. There will be a new information board produced, detailing the history of the mills in Ashfield.

There will be an open day for the public to visit the mill, details of which will be announced soon. Sutton Heritage Society who previously ran visits to the mill, will be facilitating public visits again.

Cllr Sarah Madigan, Ward Councillor for Leamington, said:

“We are over the moon with the restoration works to the windmill, it’s a very special and interesting historical building that we are lucky to have in Ashfield. We are proud to preserve it for future generations.”

Cllr Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council, said:

“The Council is keen to celebrate our rich industrial heritage, whilst looking to the future of the District; Ashfield as a place of innovation, technology and prosperity.”