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Funding secured to support domestic abuse survivors

Ashfield District Council has secured £30,000 match funding, £60,000 in total, to support domestic abuse survivors under the Sanctuary Scheme Programme.

The Sanctuary Scheme allows survivors of domestic violence to safely remain in their own homes, without fear of the perpetrator returning, by installing a safe room in their home. The Scheme also allows other security measures to be installed, such as extra locks, stronger doors, security lights, and a portable police alarm.

Cllr Helen-Ann Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said:

“This is absolutely fantastic news as we know how valuable the Sanctuary Scheme has been in the past. The Scheme is expected to support and protect at least 100 survivors of domestic abuse in Ashfield over the next 12 months.
“The funding will allow us to continue to support vulnerable residents when they need it the most. Tackling domestic abuse and supporting survivors is a key priority for the Council and this funding will help us achieve this”.

This funding follows the recent £63,333 secured for safety enhancements in Hucknall town centre, and the £1.3m secured from the Safer Streets Fund for interventions in Sutton and Kirkby.