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Anti Social Behaviour Officer and Polices with Closure order outside the address

Council supports Domestic Abuse accreditation

Ashfield District Council is working towards becoming an accredited partner for the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA).

The Council has recognised the need to improve the way domestic abuse incidents are reported and responded to. This will be achieved by reviewing the Council’s current approaches and adopting a number of key standards developed by the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance. The process is expected to take a year and is designed to support people experiencing domestic abuse.

The standards are split into eight priority areas which are:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Publicity and awareness raising
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Safety lead case management
  • Survivor lead support
  • Intersectional and anti-racist practice
  • Perpetrator accountability
  • Staff development and support

The Council is following the fantastic work achieved in gaining the White Ribbon Accredited and is working in partnership with Juno Women’s Aid to support gaining the DAHA accreditation. The process will include training opportunities across the Council to provide employees with the skills and knowledge to deliver its goals.  

Community Safety Manager, Antonio Taylor said: “This is great news for Ashfield and is one of many examples to demonstrate how the Council is committed to supporting residents from all backgrounds and circumstances across the District. Employees within the Council are working hard to achieve accreditation which will ultimately enhance our ability to address domestic abuse and create standards that will benefit everyone living and working in Ashfield.”  
Deputy Leader of the Council Helen- Ann Smith said: “It’s great to see the hard work from Ashfield District Council employees and its partners coming to reality. The Council is committed to being ahead of the curve with initiatives like this and the Safe Point Cameras, installed in Town Centres across Ashfield to promote women’s safety, a national first and huge success for Ashfield. We want our residents to have the confidence to approach the Council in challenging times knowing they have the understanding, experience and skills help, which can be one of the reasons many chose to seek help. So please don’t suffer in silence, start the conversation today and have confidence you made the right choice.”