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Cllrs Jason Zadrozny, Andy Meakin, Tom Hollis and Simon Hope from the Lindum Group

Ashfield District Council handed the keys to new social housing

The Lindum Group LTD has worked with Ashfield District to deliver 34 new affordable family homes, helping to ease the social housing demand in the Ashfield area.

In total 18 2-bedroom and 16 3-bedroom family homes have been built. The homes will be let to applicants on the Council’s housing register, and have been designed to reduce carbon output, running costs, and will reach EPC A rating.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jason Zadrozny visited the site and said:

“Wow, you would never believe this is social housing, and standing here today I am so proud of what we have achieved here and across similar sites in Ashfield.”
“The development not only makes use of a derelict site, it also addresses known Anti-Social Behaviour hotspots improving the area for the community. We will continue to do the same with developments coming in 2024, where we will continue to make Ashfield a better place.”

The developer also worked with the Council to includes two three-bedroom houses with a ground floor bedroom in each, making them suitable for a family with accessibility challenges.

The Lindum Group LTD has been part of a 4 year programme of works, as part of the Council's plans to increase its housing stock by 200 properties over the next 4 years.

Simon Hope, Lindum Construction Manager, said:

“Handing over these homes will significantly improve Ashfield District Council’s offering and increases the available stock to cater to those most in need of affordable housing”.
“Through working in close partnership with Ashfield District Council, we have been able to consistently improve the housing stock in both quality of home and sustainable performance. By designing these homes to run at EPC A, we are helping local residents to worry less about the cost of living, particularly fuel poverty.”

The pipeline of work was procured through Pagabo’s Medium Works framework, allowing for early engagement with the Council and open dialogue surrounding quality, design, and future projects. 

Paul Parkinson, Ashfield District Council Executive Director for Operations, said:

“Warwick Close is a great example of what can be achieved when building modern social housing and Ashfield is proud to be leading the way and upping the standards.

“The goal is to create a place where families have the best environment to thrive and be healthy. I’m happy to say we have delivered just that, and we will continue to maintain that standard.”