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Cllr John Wilmott visits Notts CCTV headquarters

Ashfield council reports 35% reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour

Figures released by Ashfield District Council show that Ashfield is now a safer place to be thanks to a 35% reduction in reports of anti-social behaviour.

A report published by the Council shows an overall 35% reduction in anti-social behaviour across Ashfield between January 2021 and December 2023. The figure comes as the Council has approved a new three-year Community Safety Plan.

The Council has been successful in securing over £1.8 million of external funding through the Safer Streets programme to support community safety projects in Ashfield between 2019-2023. The funding has and is being used to address longstanding community concerns relating to feelings of safety, violence against women and girls. domestic abuse, neighbourhood crimes and anti-social behaviour in public places, as well as individual support. Ashfield District is confirmed as one of lowest areas for crime when compared with other similar places across England and Wales

Cllr John Wilmott, the new Executive Lead for Community Safety and Crime Reduction said:

“Everyone knows that doing our bit as a Council to fight for safer streets is a huge priority.  Whilst the number of actual police officers on the streets of Nottinghamshire has gone down since 2010 – Ashfield District Council spends more on our award-winning community safety team that anywhere else in the region.  Our trailblazing safer streets campaigns have been an enormous success and the 35% reduction in reports of ASB reflects this.”

The new strategy will also focus on enhancing public confidence and feelings of safety. To kickstart the new plan, Community Safety surgeries are taking place across the District to offer opportunity for residents to talk to the Council and Police about how the Community Safety Partnership can further make Ashfield a safer place to live, work and visit.

The upcoming events are taking place between 2pm and 5pm on:

  • Monday 12 February – Hucknall High Street (Near Boots)
  • Wednesday 14 February – Kirkby Plaza (Near Morrisons)
  • Thursday 15 February – Sutton Town Centre (Portland Square)