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Interim review of Polling places and Polling District boundaries

We are carrying out an interim review of a limited number of polling places and polling district boundaries as detailed below. The Consultation period will commence on 18 July 2022 and end on 16 August 2022. 

Maps showing the existing and proposed changes are available to view in the table of proposals.

Polling District Existing Polling Place Proposed Polling Place Proposed Boundary Change Map
ABH1 Abbey Hill Primary School The Summit Centre N/A Polling District ABH1 Map [PDF 1Mb]
ASH2 The Snipe The Changing Rooms The Following Streets be taken from ASH2 and placed in the boundary of ASH1:
  • Blueberry Croft
  • Field View
  • Oakleaf Crescent
  • Primrose Way
  • Sunnycroft


Polling District ASH2 Map [PDF 2Mb]
ASH3 New Polling District Heathcote Court

The following streets will form this polling district:

  • Garth Avenue
  • Highland Drive
  • Hillsborough Avenue
  • Hillsborough Way
  • Kirkby Road (38-206)
  • Oakfield Avenue
  • Off The Avenue
  • Pemberley Chase
  • Pendean Way
  • Rosings Court
  • Sutton Road (207-215)
  • The Avenue
  • Walton Drive
Polling District ASH3 Map [PDF 1Mb]
HNO2 Holy Cross/Leen Mills Schools Interchange Centre permanently. N/A Polling District HNO2 Map [PDF 1Mb]
HWE3 Edgewood Primary School St Peters and Pauls

The following streets to be included in the boundary for HWE4 and vote at Beauvale Court:

  • Stainsborough Road
  • Badger Close
  • Rockley Close
  • Bluebell Close
Polling District HWE3 Map [PDF 1Mb]
KWY2 St Thomas’s Church Hall Forest Street Baptist Schoolroom N/A Polling District KWY2 Map [PDF 1Mb]
KWY4 St Thomas’s Church Hall Forest Street Baptist Schoolroom N/A Polling District KWY4 Map [PDF 1Mb]
KXP4 Kingsway Cemetery Chapel The Kingsway Public House N/A Polling District KXP4 Map [PDF 1Mb]
SEL2   Selston Parish Hall

The following to be included in the boundary for SEL2 and vote at Selston Parish Hall:

  • Commonside
  • 1A Pines Close
Polling District SEL2 Map [PDF 1Mb]
SEL4 Horse & Jockey The Railway

The following to be removed from SEL4 and become part of SEL2:

  • Commonside
  • 1A Pines Close
Polling District SEL4 Map [PDF 1Mb]
UND2 Mobile Unit – Woodnook Recreation Ground Church of Christ to become a double station for UND2 and UND3. N/A Polling District UND2 Map [PDF 1Mb]

If you wish to make a comment or representation on the proposals please email by the closing deadline (16 August 2022).

The Council will consider the review proposals and any comments received during the consultation period, at a meeting to be held on Thursday 29 September 2022. The outcome will be published following the meeting.