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Ashfield holiday activities and food programme (HAF) FAQs

Frequently asked questions


My child or young person is eligible for free school meals but isn’t registered.

You can register and apply for free school meals using the link in the relevant links section of this page. You can also call Nottinghamshire County Council Customer Service Team for help applying on 0300 500 8080. They are open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

What if my child attends a school outside Nottinghamshire, or lives outside of Nottinghamshire?

If a child is eligible for free school meals, and attends a Nottinghamshire school, or lives within Nottinghamshire, then they are eligible to sign up to the Nottinghamshire Holiday Activities and Food programme.

If they don’t live in, or go to school in Nottinghamshire, then you need to go to the relevant local authority (council) site. The Holiday Activity and Food Programme is a nationwide initiative, which will also be offered in Derby, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Nottingham City, Leicester and Leicestershire.

Does my child / young person have to attend?

No, the programme is voluntary, but we hope that children and young people who meet the eligibility criteria will take part. Everyone who is eligible is welcome to join the Holiday Activity and Food programme.

My child or young person attends an existing holiday provision, as I work. Can they still access the Holiday Activity and Food programme?

Yes, provided they meet the eligibility criteria, they are welcome to access the Holiday Activity and Food programme for free, alongside their existing provision.